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Penrith’s friendly and reliable denture clinic

Here at Senior Denture Clinic Penrith, we provide a full range of denture services that you can depend on.
Our team make use of extreme durable materials in sterile on-site laboratory to provide full and partial dentures, denture repairs and more.

Denture services you can rely on in Penrith

What ever your denture needs, you can depend on Senior Denture Clinic Penrith to provide state of-the art denture services that are ideal for you. Under the leadership of Nick Berbari, who has been working in the industry since 1996, our team provides a full range of reliable denture services to patients throughout the local area.

Caring for your new smile

At Senior Denture Clinic Penrith, we are always happy to provide both adjustments and relining services. Nothing is more important to us than the health, happiness and well-being of all our patients.
We offer a same-day reline service so that you never need to wait a moment longer than necessary.

Our team of experienced denture specialists offer a wide variety of quality products and no referral is necessary to take advantage of our services. We provide custom-made mouth guards and can offer everything from full, traditional dentures to clear plate dentures for a natural smile.

Locally owned and operated in Penrith, we do everything we can to provide complete satisfaction.
Free consultations are available and we are always happy to help you find which of our quality dentures is right for you. We also offer discounts for pensioners and senior citizens.

Full Dentures

We pride in providing a range of affordable dentures directly to the public. Our specialist dental technicians will provide a free consultation and help you choose the right denture product for you.
We can provide clear plate dentures, giving you a natural smile, and can also engrave your initials on the side of your dentures.

While not even the best dentures will last a lifetime, we make a point of ensuring that our dentures will last as long as possible. We offer high-impact dentures specifically designed and developed to resist breakage. You might need to have your dentures adjusted or relined - both services we offer but you don't need to worry about them breaking.

Partial Dentures

If you do not require a full set of dentures, we can also provide partial dentures: acrylic (plastic framing), metal (casting) or partial dentures with flexible plastic fittings, as well as dentures with no visible wires for maximum discretion.

Denture technology has improved significantly in recent years. It is now an easy task for our team to provide you with a natural, proper fit.

We pride ourselves in providing partial denture that both look and feel great!

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